The John Deere H | Brennen Leigh

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The John Deere H - the Written by Brennen Leigh
Recorded Live November 6, 2021
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I close my eyes and a wide blue sky is spreading out before me
And I’m hearing that old engine crank again in all its glory
It’s a faded memory that I go back to now and then
I’d give my right arm to be on that farm with the John Deere H again
The John Deere H was a row crop tractor; ours was a ‘43
And I was still too young to drive, but I knew she was made for me
It would be like heaven to start her up and till that stubborn ground
I’d climb up on that metal seat and make up my own tractor sounds. 
The H was made in a factory down in Waterloo
But my dad had got her second hand from some folks that we knew
She wasn’t sleek and she wasn’t fast, took a while to get her going 
But she beat a horse and a hand held plow for cutting hay and hoeing
Then to my surprise he said one night “boy, it’s time you got to learning,” 
Then he showed me how to check the spark and set that flywheel turning
I was only eight years old, had to stand to reach the pedals
But I was so proud you’d have thought that I’d just won some kind of medal
In the spring she pulled a corn planter in the newly thawed out ground 
And at harvest time she’d help make hay before the fields turned brown
She cut alfalfa with a sickle mower; the sweet smell filled the sky
And in dreams at night we’d still be working, the John Deere H and I
That old machine was a farm kid’s dream, none like her before or after 
But we let her go in hopes of knowing so-called greener pastures 
Though I’ve been around the world, my life’s the envy of most men
I’d give my right hand for that piece of land and the John Deere H again
I’d give my right arm to be on that farm with the John Deere H again