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Length: 0:3:56
Stars - Written by John Fullbright
Recorded Live September 2, 2021
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I’ve seen stars before 
I've looked up felt empty
I've looked up and felt nothing
I've looked up and felt sorrow like I was alone
But tonight I looked up to the stars brightly shining and I felt like I was something
in the eyes of God as he smiled. 
But I've seen God before. He told me he made me.
He told me he loved me. 
He told me not to be afraid of dying. .
But one day I looked up and my sky was empty and the world kept turning and 
I was forever alone. 
But I've known love before.
I've loved and I've been loved. 
I've loved and I've lost love.
I found out that love was just God almighty
And that love burns brightly just like stars up in Heaven
to remind us that love means that nobody dies alone.
I've seen stars before.