She Loves My Dog More Than Me | Freebo and Alice Howe

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🎵 She Loves My Dog More Than Me | Freebo and Alice Howe 🎵

Length: 0:6:24
She Loves My Dog More Than Me - Written by Freebo
Recorded Live September 9, 2021
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Once upon a time, everything was so fine,
Cozy just my baby and me.
I was so well fed, got my breakfast in bed,
I was happy as a man can be.
Then my buddy called up, had the cutest little pup,
I couldn’t help but take him in.
Little did I know her affection would go
To my new little four legged friend.
Now she loves my dog more than me
She loves my dog more than me
I love my dog
She loves my dog
But she loves my dog more than me
We were lyin’ by the fire, burnin’ with desire,
When suddenly, to my chagrin,
As the fire got to stokin’, came a cold nose a pokin’,
Somewhere it should not have been.
I thought she’d shoo him away, but she told him stay.
It kind o’ took me out of the zone.
Now a man’s best friend gets the girl in the end,
And I’m left holdin’ the bone.
So I’m sittin’ here a fumin’ while he’s getting’ all the groomin’,
That ain’t how it’s supposed to be.
Well you know I don’t hate ‘em, but I’ve got an ultimatum,
Baby, it’s the dog or me!
Well I got her reply as she led me outside,
And she handed me my People Chow.
Now I’m howlin’ at the moon while he’s up in my room,
And I’m in the doghouse now.
There’s a moral to the story: When you fall from glory,
You gotta do it gracefully.
So I’m back in the bed, with the dog at the head,
We’re a Nuclear Family.
And I accept my fate, and there’s little debate,
‘Cause this ain’t no democracy.
From the moment he came, it’s been a doggone shame…….
That she loves my dog more than me.