Muhammad Ali | Bob Schneider

🎵 Muhammad Ali | Bob Schneider 🎵

Length: 0:7:0
Muhammad Ali - Written by Robert Schneider
Recorded Live October 19, 2022
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oh it's a mysterious thing 
its a mysterious thing that we are doing / some people walk around in a daze / some
people walk around amazed /at the way the sky is ablaze
when the sun’s down around the world’s waist
most people smile when they like something they see / most
people cry when they’re sad or hurt / most people have the
same kind of look when they get angry / even the german’s
who like to keep their emotion hidden away / chinese / 
canandians most everybody likes to keep their emotions hidden
away / and everybody laughs and everybody cries 
and everybody loves and everybody dies / and everybody feels like
nobody could ever feel this way in their lives / and everybody
lives and then they fade into the mist / eventually everybody
gets taken right off the list / oh it’s a mysterious thing
and roy rodgers said he never met a man he didn’t like / some
times i wonder what that might be like / to have the whole
world be filled with friends you haven’t met / that‘d be pretty
nice i bet / and every once in a while somebody like
muhamed ali comes along / it’s not very often and when somebody like
muhamed ali comes along / and everybody goes now this is
more like it / yeah this is what we should all strive to be / and
even though there’s never been anybody like muhamed ali /
he still had the same feelings as you and me / like when you
wake up in the morning and the beds all wet / he had the same
way of wanting to forget / all the bad things that ever happened in his life /
the same way of knowing the difference
between wrong & right / the same way of wanting to be loved
and when he woke up in the morning and the sun was shinning through the curtain
and he knew the only thing in this
life that was certain / is that one day the sun wouldn’t be 
shining through the curtain
and where’s muhamed ali now / i mean where’s muhamed ali
now / he’s on youtube, i watched him last night /he was fight
ing joe frazier he was doing alright / he was fighting george
forman he was talking a tremendous amount of shit / 
and people just ate it up because he was handsome and funny to / and
he could knock you out if he just wanted to / and yeah he was
just like me and you / and yeah maybe life is just a room you
walk through / and maybe you’re just playing a part that was
assigned to you / it’s hard to know what’s real and true / it’s a
mysterious thing it’s a mysterious a mysterious..
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