Meyerland | Jordi Baizan

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Length: 0:5:12
Meyerland  - Written by Jordi Baizan
Recorded Live May 13, 2021
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Walking underneath the twisted trees in my old neighborhood
The memories come flooding back so clear and most of them are good
I thought I'd left this place behind
I had the perfect plan
But I never got away from Meyerland
Our parents moved us here 'cause there were better schools
And the street taught us the lessons that it needed to
I've made my way in this big world. I do the best I can
But I never got away from Meyerland
Fist fights in the driveway
The taste of blood and sweat
Epic front yard football games that I'll never forget
You stood up to the bullies and you stuck up for your friends
Cause that's just what we did in Meyerland
My father taught me details matter much more than I thought they should
Mama said, “just do your best, this world needs people who are good”
I guess I haven't changed as much as I thought that I had
I never got away from Meyerland
I remember how your beauty left me helpless in its power
We'd both sneak out on summer nights to sit and talk for hours
I thought we'd be together, but you had bigger plans and we never ran away from Meyerland
So I went to school and got a job, and I'd find love again
The spark and the connection that I thought I lost back then
We travel different highways
The journey never ends
But we never get away from Meyerland
No we never get away from Meyerland