Isadore Gonzalez | Tom Russell

🎵 Isadore Gonzalez | Tom Russell 🎵

Length: 0:4:1
Isadore Gonzalez - Written By Tom Russell
Recorded Live May 20, 2022
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Voy a cantar un coriddo,
About me and Buffalo Bill
A song from my bones in a graveyard in Bristol
’Neath an unmarked grave on the hill
We crossed the great waters a long time ago
With cowboys and wild buffalo
Two shows a day for the folks of old England
In this thing called a Wild West Show
Ai! Yi! Yi! Hang and rattle, caballero!
Spur wild, while these foreigners cheer
Close the fairgrounds down, ride a bronc into town
Get drunk on their strong English Beer
Shouting, “Isadore Gonzalez is here!”
On the last matinee on the final day
My bronc, he fell he on his side
I tried to roll clear, but he kicked my right ear
Then rolled on me twice and I died
Now it’s a long, long way from Monterrey, Mexico
To a cemeterio on a far Bristol Hill
Mi nombre is Isadore Gonzalez, amigos
And I rode broncs for Buffalo Bill
They laid my bones in Old Bristol, England
’Neath an unmarked granite, grey stone
My pistol is in their museum
They buried my boots with my bones
I flew as a raven to Monterrey, Mexico
Now I’m perched on my old window sill
Mi nombre is Isadore Gonzales, amigo
And I rode with Buffalo Bill!
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