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Length: 0:5:19
Dreamer - Written by David Egan
Recorded Live August 13, 2021
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Ain't no sacred holy cow got no pretty ruby mouth to smile and charm me through
Ain't no clever silver tounge flatter people into doing what I want them to
Ain't much for pushing buttons, pulling puppet strings or fussing
Besides making silly rhymes I really ain't much good at nothing
But my heart keeps me amused in this big world of confusion
Cause I'm a dreamer
Hallelujah I'm a dreamer

No blue blood touch of class ain't no laminated pass to where the in crowd hangs
No flaming rum deserts ain't no front row seats reserved when old blue eyes sings
But break it down to lovin' it's more than just a promise
Ain't no gift to all the girls but I got the one I wanted
And threw any storm that blows she still loves me yes she knows that I'm a dreamer
Hallelujah I'm a dreamer

When there's pavement all around no green meadows can be found there will be dreamers
When every cotton field is gone all my children will have grown up to be dreamers
No boss to pay no mind no turning wheels to grind no blade of grass disturbed or sleeping babies stirred
There'll be no noise at all just a silent voice that calls to all the dreamers
Hallelujah I'm a dreamer

And my heart keeps me amused Hallelujah I'm a dreamer